Pray ~ Visualize ~ Meditate

Peace 21

Peace 21, founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada, is an international, non-profit, non-denominational network of peace workers who meditate and create a thought form for peace on the 21st of March, June, September, and December. Nearly 3.5 million people worldwide have regularly participated in this outpouring of peace since 1984.

Peace 21 is a simple but tremendously effective concept. There is power in thought and the collective positive thought of the human race may well be the most powerful force in the world. The objective is to harness this power in the interest of world peace. Those who support this principle are invited to form a massive and united thought image of peace four times annually on each equinox and solstice.

It is planned that this global effort for world peace will involve an ever expanding number of participants. This can be accomplished most effectively by networking with others who share this vision. This is the concept on which Peace 21 is constructed: a basis of universal cooperation, a process in which each of us accepts a shared responsibility for spreading the message of peace and love with the world.

“Our armaments have failed already, let us now be in search of something new; let us try the force of love and God which is Truth.” -Gandhi

World peace and inner peace come through the power of meditation and prayer. They are two parts of the same process. We create peace by being peace. This process does not depend on politicians, nationalism, or world economic policies. It depends on us, the people taking the responsibility to create such a strong thought form for peace that the world mind shifts from that of war consciousness to global village of peace consciousness; from separation from God and need to conquer nature to one of harmony with nature and humanity; from the concept of accumulation of wealth and material resources as progress to one of synchrony with the resources.

The form for this world transformation already exists. All that is needed is enough people to participate consciously. The transformation accelerates when a critical mass of our population joins together from all different walks of life, ages, spiritual and religious pursuits to pray, meditate, and visualize for peace as one unified group.

Get Involved

The Tree of Life meditates on Peace 21 each equinox and solstice as a group in Patagonia, Arizona. We encourage you to form your own Peace 21 group in your area. Below is a suggested format to get you started. Please keep in mind it is only a suggestion and we encourage you to make changes to suit your belief or faith and the needs of your particular organization. This can also be done individually, although it is undoubtedly more powerful with two or more people.

In general, we suggest appointing someone (yourself or someone else) to facilitate the evening. If you have the resources, it can also be nice to invite a musical group to play either before or after the meditation as part of the evening. Another suggestion is to have a guest speaker give a brief lecture (30-60 minutes maximum) on the topic of peace. Aside from meditating at exactly 7:00 p.m., the format is open and meant for you to participate in a way that is appropriate for you.

Guided Visualization for Peace 21

  1. Visualize oneself filled with light.
  2. See the light spreading out from your being and expanding to reach your entire town, area, country, continent, and oceans until the whole planet is filled with your light.
  3. See people of all nations and races being affected by this light.
  4. See them begin to radiate their own light.
  5. See oneself in space looking down on the Earth.
  6. Observe billions of points of light illuminating the planet with Peace.
  7. Linking hands with millions of world servers, form a ring around the planet and as a whole group beam the cosmic light unto the planet.

Schedule of a Possible Peace 21 Gathering in Your Area:

6:30 p.m. : Facilitator gives an introduction of Peace 21 and the flow of the evening

7:00 p.m. (exactly): Facilitator leads group through a guided visualization of seeing the world filled with peace, love, and light

7:15 p.m. : After guided visualization is complete, continue meditating until 7:30 or so to amplify the energy

7:30 p.m.: Guest Speaker, Music, or any other event that may fit for your particular organization and Peace 21

We Believe

We believe that world peace is an attainable reality. We believe that the power of the mind is the most powerful human force on the planet. We believe that by focusing the power of thought in the service of peace, world peace can prevail. We believe world peace will more quickly come when people from diverse backgrounds, ages, political viewpoints, religious, and spiritual beliefs are willing to come together in one location in the spirit of cooperation to meditate, visualize, and pray for peace. We believe that from the place of inner peace, we have more energy and vision to continue our efforts as part of a worldwide movement to create outer peace. Through meditation we create peace…by being peace.